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College football is here. The pageantry of the sport is beyond compare. There is a lot at stake as the season begins. Here are a few story lines I am watching this year.

Alabama vs Clemson: Not again. Please for all that’s good in sports can their be some different teams in the championship game.

Contenders: Georgia, Ohio St, Michigan, LSU, Oregon, Oklahoma?? Hoping for a few upsets this year and some new faces in the championship.

Conference winners: Michigan, Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, Oregon

Teams to root for: Teams I like to watch for a variety of crazy reasons.

PAC 12:

Arizona St- Herm Edwards is a great follow as a coach. “You play to win the game.”

Colorado-Just time for them to be relevant again. Love the buffalo mascot Ralphie…


Virginia Tech: “Enter Sandman” intro music

Boston College– Remembering Doug Flutie era– time to win again. The best “hail mary” of all time


Tennessee: Rocky Top deserves to be at the top of the league again

LSU: Death Valley, Gumbo and those uniforms

BIG 12:

Texas: Longhorns helmets are fantastic– so are the all white road uniforms

West Virginia: Offense, offense, offense. Take me home country roads.

BIG 10:

Northwestern: Coach Fitzgerald is a true ball coach


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