The Chicago Bears laid a gigantic egg on offense in the season opener on Thursday. Come to think of it, so did the Green Bay Packers. One thing both teams had in common, they did not play their starters much in the pre-season.

The defenses were sharp but offensive execution takes a few more reps and time to gel The defenses can just rear back and play a little more freely at the beginning of every season. The opening night game was a flat out boring display of football. The NFL celebrating its 100th season, celebrated with a big dud.

As a fan, one may appreciate not seeing their favorite players injured in a pre-season game. However, we also appreciate good offensive football. The best solution would be to play 2 exhibition games. Then maybe the coaches would elect to at least play some veterans for a half.

Every game matters and to waist an opportunity to get a home win may haunt the Bears as the season progresses. The Packers were fortunate to score a touchdown and leave Soldier Field with the win.

Tuning in Sunday to see some decent play. Nothing wrong with good defenses, but there is a lot wrong with bad offense from teams that should be better. Wonder what the changes may be made leading into next season.


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