Here is our way too early basketball rankings for the BIG 10

1.Michigan St

2. Maryland

3. Ohio St

4. Wisconsin

5. Purdue

6. Michigan

7. Indiana

8. Illinois

9. Iowa

10. Minnesota

11. Penn St

12. Rutgers

13. Nebraska

14. Northwestern

Teams that could fall lower

Purdue- Young players need time to become productive

Wisconsin- No substitute for Ethan Happ production

Michigan – Adapting to new coach sets them back

Indiana- talent is just not good enough yet

Teams that could climb higher

Illinois- returning players pick up and improve

Penn St- Lamar Stevens dominates the league-

Nebraska- transfers play hard and surprise

Rutgers- Returning players with experience pick up for loss of top scorer.

Tourney Teams: Michigan St, Maryland, Ohio St, Wisconsin, Purdue, Michigan , and Indiana


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